Curriculum Vitae


Jose Ramon Noel Z. del Rosario


To enhance and contribute as a Project Manager and Unix System Administrator in leading / motivating/training others (end users to top level management) for the managing, designing, 
revising,implementing, maintaining, troubleshooting, monitoring, diagnosing and supporting  
networks of servers and workstations including their security, DR or BCP of the entire IT /Telecommunication infrastructure mixed with various Unix/Linux/Microsoft OS and mixtures 
of  AlphaNumeric/Graphics/Audio/Video data in ebusiness, financial, application development, 
Internet,  telecommunications,  both in front-ends and back-ends office environments.


  • Project Management – PMI Certified Project Management (2000) and BCP/DR.
  • Unix  System Administrator – Solaris (2.5 – 10), OpenSolaris, Linux RedHat (6.x – 9), Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Egenera.
  • Windows Seven/Vista/ XP/2000/NT/98/Me systems and network administration.
  • Unix Shell scripts (Bourne,BASH,CSH,Korn) to support Unix Maintenance.
  • Network  security, monitoring and backup.
  • WIKIs for developers and knowledge-based system for staff collaborations and work-flow tracking.
  • VMWare in MS-Windows/Linux to run UNIX/Linux OS and applications.
  • DB Installation (Oracle,  Sybase and MYsql).
  • PC hardware repair, installation and maintenance including MBUs, power supplies, RAM, printers, scanners, interface cards, sound cards, etc.
  • Simple Basic Web page development using LAMP.
  • Computer telephony systems installation, development and maintenance (Gamma Fax and Dialogic).
  • DB programming in FoxPro for Windows, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic and MS Access.
  • Program development in C, Assembler, Visual Basic and Unix shells.

Present Work Makati,  Philippines

  Feb 2012 –   IT  Consultant 


Provide assistance for enhancement of Project Management and Best ITIL Practices in IT service Management by seminar and providing documents and open source applications accessible via INTRANET. Provide assistance and solutions for some external and internal technical problems.(RH Audit, Tripwire, UpTime) Evaluation of open source applications for company’s tool. (Web2proj, TCEXAM, mongo DB, Hadoop, Hbase, Splunk, Chukwa, filetraq/systraq, LAMP)


Work Experience Tokyo, Japan 

 Feb 2007 – Jul 2009

IT  Consultant   /  Project Manager                          

GLADKOVSOFT  /  Global Auto-Hub

Project completion for a newly complete installation/configuration/security/deployment of a web Server in Raid-3 complete with mailing services and Domain provisions for all the web

applications of clients. Setup of Several Virtual Domains to provide all clients with their own

web services and mailing services with coordination with the local ISP. Managed and

coordinated with the ISP in  Tokyo and with Data Center administrators for the proper and

smooth deployment of the server into its final rack. Completed a secured remote access using

secured shell and firewall from any of the allowed network segments in Tokyo, Hongkong,

London, Bangladesh, Russia and USA. Completion of an SVN server for software

collaborations, DNS for all clients and for the upgrade of routers for a High-Availability

Fail-over network traffic system followed by a final network/packet analysis and



Projects above involved the used of the following: Debian, RAID-3, LAMP, DNS, PostFix, SAMBA, SSH, PROFTP, Dovecot, Postfix, Squirrel Mail, Virtual Domains, WebMin, Apache, MYSQL, PHP, HTML, Firewall, IPTABLES, Open Solaris, Virtual Machines, VMWare, Shell scripts, X-windows, Network/Packet Analyzers.                                                                              


Esolia Inc

Project completion for the complete testing, evaluation and verification of Group-1 Softwares

for JSOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) compliance for Trading and security companies in Japan.

Provided technical support for various Datacenter ofclients. Completion of test and evaluation

of cloning linux for multiple fast deployment, of VMWare for Virtual machines running clients

applications and as a provision for complete system backups, of WIKIs as a tool for work

collaboration within a company, or among corporate of companies, of a Web Server as

Knowledge-Based System, of web pages for Clients support in using Wiki (Confluence), and

of network/packet analysis for Security.                                                                              


Projects involved with the following: Atlassian Confluence, Jira, Win2003, Apache, Tomcat, Linux, Lamp, Ubuntu, VMWare, Virtual Machines,  Network Monitor/Analysis, Nessus,

MRTG, nmap, Sendmail, SAMBA, SSH, FTP, webmin, MYSQL, PHP, HTML,

PHPmyAdmin, Solaris 10, WIKIs,  SOX, JSOX, Group-1. 



 Feb 2003 – Feb 2007

Unix SA/Customer Engineer/Project Manager 


Tokyo Star Bank

Project completion for the configuration and  security of all UAT and Production servers (Sunfire  V880, SunBlade, Enterprise 450) in the internet banking system configured in HA with Veritas Clustering and with storage in RAID 53 (RAID 5+1). Provided guidelines and baseline security operation for all servers, workstations , users and all  network segments, as well as Performance Monitoring and tuning of all servers and the entire network infrastructure. Provided maintainance of Veritas Cluster, Volume Manager, Cold Backup, ODS, Security, OBP / ALOM upgrades, OS patches, and SunVTS.


CTC Customers  Service

Provided technical support for various Data Centers of clients and in-house technical support for the installation / configuration  / deployment of several thousands servers for clients all over Japan in 2 years span.  Provided guidelines to built and deployed servers from mere 60 units to several hundreds daily.  Repaired Sun Machines, Disk Storage Array and DLT tape drives.



Jul 2002 – Dec  2002

Unix SA / BCP


Credit Suisse First Boston

Project Completion for the installation/configuration/deployment for Global used of several SUN servers (50) for Marketing Data and 1 HA Agora Trading System with Storage System configured by Veritas Volume Manager and Solstice DiskSuite. Provided daily support and maintenance for 1000 production Unix servers located in Tokyo and 100 servers remotely located outside Tokyo for Disaster Recovery. Replaced legacy servers with new servers in DR-site and Production site.  Documentation of all Solaris Servers  (1000) in  Production DataCenter and all servers in DR-site.



Feb – Jul 2002

System Engineer

MICS Japan

 Installed a Linux Firewall to replace their ISDN modem to ADSL modem for Internet.

 Configured a Linux box for DNS server / SendMail server.

 Training Seminar for Flat Screen Hardware Designs and Troubleshooting in Shanghai, China.



Jun – Jan 2001

Unix SA / Consultant (Outsource)

Deutsche Bank / Savy Infotech

 Setup NIS+ environment for AIX and Solaris machines.

 Created scripts for simple Full Backup of Servers complete with logs and emails.

 Created scripts for Security monitoring of any newly created SUID and SGID files.

 Performance Tuning and Network Analysis.



Aug 2000May 2001

Unix SA / Project Manager (Outsource)

BNP Paribas Securities / DataCraft PTS

Project Managed the migration of all servers (100 Unix and 50 NT) for Trading System from an old VLAN to a new VLAN of 5 network segments relocated to a new building.  Extended support for all global end-users, Application Developers, System Admins, Network Engineers all the way to Top Management level for the complete migration..



Jul 1998 – Aug 2000

 Unix SA

Fusion System Japan / IMRGlobal

 Built/configured/deployed/maintained/secured firewalls, VPN, DNS, Mails, Backups, File Server, Apache, Sybase, Oracle, and had dealt also with shell scripts, Volume Manager, disk mirroring, Linux, Fedora, Debian, TCP/IP, ARP, NTP, SNMP, SVN, Subnets, Networks, SAMBA, SSH, TCP wrappers, sudo, RBAC, Apache, Webmin, Oracle, SYBASE, BMC Patrol, WIKIs, LAMP, MYSQL, C++, System/Network Monitoring, Security, Project Manager and BCP.  Completion of  Y2k Compliance for all Solaris workstations and Servers.  Project managed the changed over of company’s Domain Name from FSJ.COM to

 Installation / Monitor / Maintenance of  all SUN Developers Workstations (25+).

 PMI Certified Project Management (1999-2002).



Nov 1997– Jul 1998

PC   HelpDesk        

Bloomberg L.P. Tokyo

 PC Maintainance support  for all 300 end-users.

 Roll-over of all Windows OS to Windows NT.

 Formulated a ZERO-Downtime procedures for  User support.



Mar 1990 – Oct 1997

Computer System Engineer

System Quality Inc. Tokyo

Created application programs in C, Assembler and Basic.

Created programs for testing Digital Memory Scope using GPIB (General Purpose Instrumentation Board) card.

Troubleshoot circuits using HP16500A  Logic Analysis System Mainframe.

Created test programs for evaluation of Ricoh scanners and their respective interface cards.

Hardware and software (drivers) maintainance of Ricoh Scanners for all computer brands.

Improved the production of Voice mail system from 25 units to 100 units a month

Developed programs for Voice/fax system ( Fax-on-Demand) using Dialogic cards and Gamma Fax cards.



1986-1990   PhD Research Study in Waseda University, Tokyo Japan . 

Work Experience Philippines


Jun 1981 – Aug 1985 Assistant Prof  II / ECE Department Chairman

 De La Salle College of Engineering

Hiring of faculty staff, performance evaluation of Professors, distribution of teaching loads, designing, evaluation and revision of curriculum and syllabus.  Had taught the following subjects: Basic Electricity, Basic Electronics, BASIC Programming, Digital switching, Design and Analysis of Electronics Circuits, Microprocessors, Computer Architecture and Integrated Circuits.

1982-1983 took MEE in University of Philippines. 

Mar 1979 – Jun 1981    Product / Test Engineer

 Signetics Filipinas

Interfacing and maintenance of IC test handlers, Exatron Logic Testers and Teradyne J283 computers. Creation, debugging, revision and evaluation of J283 programs for production and quality control of TTL integrated circuits. Failure and analysis of  7400-series TTL chips via transistor testers and visual inspection of ICs for Quality Assurance. Upgraded Production setups that increased the production test of TTL IC chips from 25K units up to 1 Million units per month. Coordinated with other overseas branches for  all Failure-Analysis tests, new and revised production setups and  in debugging and revisions of J283 programs for the production test which included the logical function and parametric tests  of all 7400 series TTL chips.


Mar 1977 – Mar 1979   Bio-Medical Engineering

Philippine Heart Center

Designed, Tested and Produced prototype circuits for Internal/External Pace-Maker, ECG (Electro Cardio Graph) monitor  and Heart Defribillators.

Apr 1975 – Mar 1977   Jr. Programmer

Computer Information System ( Meralco)

Creating, revising, debugging and maintenance of COBOL and ASSEMBLER programs for IBM/370.


1986 – 1990 IT Doctoral Research Study  WasedaUniversity Tokyo,Japan
1982 – 1983 MSEE – Master of EngineeringMajor in Electrical University of the Philippines  Manila, Philippines
1970 – 1975 BSECE – Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering University of santo Tomas Manila, Philippines


Solaris 9 , Solaris 10, Linux Fedora  CTCTraining School  2006
Egenera Virtual Computing  CTCTraining School  2003
Project Management  Project Management Institute 2000
TTL Integrated Circuits J283 Programming / Failure Analysis  Signetics Filipinas  1980
IBM/360 Assembler Programming  AutomationCenter  1971


Nature, science, philosophy, electronics, computers, chess, music, cycling and traveling.



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